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Micah started performing at the age of 8 years old, but for the last 20 years his focus has been the art of stand-up comedy. During these 20 years Micah has performed in over 70 cities, 30 states, & 4 countries. His audiences have been those of many schools, corporations, church’s, comedy clubs, & more. He is one of few comics that has an audience range of all ages and many cultures. Micah works extremely hard on being funny but his number one priority is FUN!….Click the picture above to watch Micah in action.


In 2009 Micah was asked to be the keynote speaker for James River High School Senior Convocation. That was the moment that he realized the purpose of his voice was to be used for more than just comedy. Since then Micah has been the keynote speaker for several high convocations, graduations, college graduations, and corporate seminars. Micah “bam-bamm” whitE is one of very few comedians and speakers that has a 100% return demand!….Click the picture above to watch Micah as he gives his TED Talk.


So you thought he was just a comedian. Micah is actually a true entertainer. As a child his first love was music. Micah is a scholar musician and plays six different instruments. However, the magic truly happens when you give him a mic and put him in front of a live band. The music and his energy combined creates an experience that is so powerful you wouldn’t want it to end!…..Click the picture above to watch Micah perform his personal arrangement of Uptown Funk at the Historical Howard Theater in Washington DC.


Need a host that will make your event better than you could imagine, then look no further! When you combine the comedian, the speaker, the vocalist, and the humanitarian all in one you have a host that can touch and move any group of people. As a child Micah was known as “The Life”, due to the fact that whether it was a party or a funeral, he would do something to light-up the room in a positive and meaningful way…..”I’m not hired to host events, I’m hired to help create memorable and impactful moments.” (Micah White)

Micah White

A message from the man himself

First I would like to thank God for allowing me to live the life that I live with the gifts that I've been blessed with. Secondly I want to thank you, my supporters, for all the support and love that has been given to me over the past 20 years. Every time I'm given the opportunity to perform or speak for an individual or a group I'm extremely grateful. My goal is to be known as one of the greatest entertainers and orators ever known. I understand that’s something I can't acknowledge myself as, it has to be done by those that experience what I have to offer. This is why I give 111% every time I have the opportunity to share my gifts. Success to me is not the destination, but the journey, and if my journey ended right now I would have to say that all of you have made my journey a tremendous success. For that again I say thank you. Be sure to keep up with me through my social media channels (@comedianbamm instagram/twitter/snapchat). Please be on the watch for my new interactive site coming this summer......If you desire quality entertainment, I'm your guy and I promise to give you everything I got! :-)........Yours truly: Micah White

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