I Learned From a Baby

I was walking from dumping the trash one day and a thought hit me out of nowhere. Maybe it didn’t come out of nowhere. Maybe I inadvertently looked at something that triggered a subconscious thought. But for some reason all I could think of was a baby trying to stand up. I tried to shake the thought but I couldn’t. Me being the type of person I am, I figured there had to be a reason this was stuck in my brain. As I continued to analyze, I want to share with you something I learned from this baby.   A baby gets confidence that it can walk because it see’s other people doing it.  It’s not a hater. It doesn’t despise the person walking, just because at the moment he/she can’t. When a baby looks at an adult, the baby knows he/she can do everything that the adult is doing. A baby tries to do it over and over again until he/she succeeds. There is never a moment of envy, jealously, or hatred towards the person that is successfully doing what the baby desires to do. This is why I think there is a 100% success rate with babies that have the God given ability to walk. I’ve never heard of a baby that decided to just crawl for the rest of its life.   If there is someone that is accomplishing the things you desire. Do yourself a favor and mimic the baby, not the hater. Observe and try until you’re successful. As humans we get caught up in judgment, which holds no one back but the person judging. People have a tendency to try to discredit other individual’s success with childish and frivolous statements to make their own lack of success tolerable. Not the case with a baby.   That’s all for now, as I put my pacifier in my mouth and head to this meeting! ME…W

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