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Micah “bam-bamm” whitE

     Micah's comedy is definitely unique to his own personality and views. He gives every crowd, very high energy, and a show they will never forget! A lot of comics are funny, but only a few are absolutely hilarious. This guy is one of the few!!!

      Micah was a top ten finalist in the HBO Lucky 21 Comedy Competition, which consisted of 220 comedians. Micah has also made appearances on the Lifetime Network original series Army Wives, and the motion picture Unstoppable, starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.

     Micah is the founder of RVA has Talent. RVAHT is a community based entertainment company. From RVAHT Micah has also created Richmond City Justice Center has Talent. RCJCHT is an eight week job, business, and talent training program for residents in the Richmond City Jail. RCJCHT is primarily designed to help participants get a job upon release, as well as write a business plan for their personal aspirations. The eight week session ends with a talent show-graduation, where participants give their elevator speeches and perform their talents for their peers and local business owners.


Micah whitE

My Sincere Thank you

As a child, I knew entertainment was one of my callings. It was something that I had a tremendous burning desire to do. Overcoming stage fright as early as the age of eight, and having performed in my first talent show at the age of 11, there was no doubt that speaking to masses would always be a part of my life. On March 24, 1996, I gave my first performance as a comedian at Ree's Lounge in Fairfield, Alabama. I never knew how that day would change my life forever.

It is with the greatest amount of gratitude that I have within me to say thank you to all of you that have allowed me to live out this dream. Your support is the fuel that keeps me going.

I serve an all mighty God that has given me this gift. I realized early in my career that this gift wasn't given to me for the benefit of my ego, but for the purpose of sharing with others for laughter, unity, and healing. Therefore, your support to me is actually support for all.

Thank you for laughing! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for the encouragement! Thank you for the humility! Most of all, thank you for letting "ME" be "ME"!


Micah White "MBBW"

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Help me get to Netflix

My next step in this dream is to have my first one hour DVD on Netflix. My goal is to shoot this in Richmond, VA in 2017. This is a tremendous financial undertaking so I need your help. Please click the link to watch a short video, see the categories, and donate to my Go Fund ME to help "ME" with this next huge step!